About Us

Confirmngjobs.com is a Nigerian online website committed to fight fake job invites and interviews in Nigeria to which lots of job seekers have fallen prey to.

Confirmngjobs.com gathers its information from people’s experiences and reaches out to others, who are yet to be victimized.

How we find fake Jobs

We work with documented past experiences of job seekers on different search engines, and different job groups in relation with there ordeal with the so called company. Before a company is branded as fake, we check the following.

Company Profile: If the company in question has a bad scam background reputation online.

What do we mean by fake?

  • When an organization sends out none existing positions to job seekers in order to ask them for money to buy products or to join your gnld or non existing business. example, a firm sends out random positions for administrative positions just for job seekers to honor your invites and be asked to pay for products.
  • Also when a firm sends out random invitations to people without there consent or without them applying for the said job position.
  • When a firm has a bad reputation online as regards scamming and extorting job seekers with different job addresses.
  • Creating or sending job invitations to people using suspicious different email links

What to do if your firm is been listed

If your firm is being listed as one of the fake companies with the qualifications above, reach out to us for further clarifications using the contact button here.